What drives us – Where we want to go

Every joint project makes us and our clients more successful.

Hunold + Knoop is a reliable development partner for comprehensive solutions in plastics technology. We offer intelligent solutions with innovative products. Our clients see us as their department for uncomplicatedly providing smart and deliberate development work. Reliability and mutual esteem form the foundation of our joint work.


For us everything revolves around forms.

  • DEVELOPMENT – Developing ideas together
  • CONSTRUCTION – Turning ideas into forms
  • TOOLMAKING – Implementing special forms
  • INJECTION MOULDING – Finished form production


For us, the focus is on tradition.

  • Down-to-earth attitude
  • Original character with rural background
  • Community
  • Identity instead of interchangeability
  • Employees and clients are part of the H+K family
  • Security
  • Company history


For us implementation is a passion.

  • Love of clients
  • Problem solving
  • Constant movement
  • Standstill is regression
  • Further development and improvement

How we tick – What we live for

Offering the client real benefit.

We are recognised by our clients as highly competent, reliable and competitive partners for problem solving with plastics and we exceed their expectations with innovative solutions.

We maintain our traditional, independent and productive down-to-earth attitude and sustainably increase our company value.

We are a modern family enterprise that travels new paths to guarantee future growth and continuity.

We champion the health, safety and environmental concerns of our responsibly minded employees and of society.

Our values – What we stand for

Our family enterprise is characterised by orientation to the following values:

  • Lifeblood
  • Enthusiasm, innovative spirit and passion
  • Down-to-earth attitude, continuity and independence
  • Honesty, client orientation and speed
  • Family, tradition and support
  • Order, cleanliness and safety

Responsibility towards our clients
We are more innovative and present than the competition and repeatedly surprise our successful clients with smart ideas. We offer fast and uncomplicated one-stop problem solving which increases the competitive ad-vantage of our clients.

Responsibility towards our employees
Employees are the most important asset of an enterprise. Hunold + Knoop is well aware of this. We support our employees and pay performance-related wages. We offer safe and challenging jobs and strengthen the feeling of togetherness. That is why our employees see us as best employers.

Responsibility towards society
We observe, maintain and promote social values and actively ensure a sustainable protection of our environment. We provide, create and maintain jobs and support society through donations. We systematically work out energy and raw material-saving measures and implement them in our day-to-day business.

Responsibility towards our suppliers
We want the best suppliers at the most advantageous term to us and strive to pay all bills promptly.
We see our suppliers as real partners in our joint work.