Hunold + Knoop Environmental Policy

Start small, think big

“Our customers expect environmental protection”

Protecting and preserving nature is a big and important task. Most people are aware of this, including our customers and us at H+K. Start small, think big: it is our responsibility as well to make little changes that have a huge impact. By taking environmental protection into account in our daily work and production processes, we as a company can help to ensure that resources are used sparingly and not wasted. This way, ecosystems and important material cycles remain intact. Read more about our objectives, strategies and projects here:

Offer the customer a real benefit – this is our guideline. Environmental protection is therefore an integral part of our corporate policy. We are committed to continuous improvement and avoidance of environmental pollution.

Through intensive analyses, we discover potential for improvement in order to do protect the environment with cross-company solutions. Our company ensures compliance with the applicable legal obligations and other requirements. We see ourselves as responsible for determining and evaluating the significant environmental aspects of our work. The realization of our environmental goals is based on a structured breakdown into individual goals.


Our photovoltaic system has been producing electricity since 2010. The principle is well-known and comparatively simple: Solar cells convert light energy (usually from sunlight) into electrical energy. This happens when light hits the silicon solar cells and the electrons they contain are excited.

With our solar system, we contribute to the protection of the environment. Instead of using nuclear or coal energy, we rely on self-produced, climate-friendly electricity. In 2010 and 2011, the plant was expanded in two stages (1st stage: 45 kWp – 2nd stage: 136 kWp) and now reliably produces energy for our company. So far, this is a total of 1,075,000 kWh and over 640 tons of avoided CO2! This is good for our environment and it reduces the ecological footprint of our H+K products – and thus also that of our customers.

You can see the current status of our power generation and the CO2 saved in the following image:

Solar power

Your contribution to the energy form of the future

Hunold + Knoop Kunststofftechnik
Power: 136.01 kWp
Area: 1163,77 m2
Installation: 06/28/2010

Total solar power generated:

1.221.904,06 kWh

Total avoided CO2 value:

728.254,82 kg

Protection of the seas – the “Zero Pellet Loss” initiative

Recycling – Reuse instead of throw away

As an environmentally conscious company, we are aware of our responsibility in the plastics industry. For decades, therefore, it has been important to us not only to produce new products, but also to recycle used or damaged old parts. We take them back, re-coat them and save a lot of resources in doing so. The used steel shafts do not end up in the rubbish immediately, but can be re-used again and again over a long period of time.