Hunold + Knoop Kunststofftechnik GmbH

We are suppliers and development partners for premium manufacturers in equipment and machine construction as well as for the automotive industry.

We will help you to exceed your quality promise with smart ideas and the highest-quality technological components and assemblies in plastic.

H+K Stories


As a modern family business, we maintain special values ​​and virtues. We preserve our traditional earthiness with a village dominated core character but consistently go ahead.

At its core are always reliability, passion and cohesion.

H+K Products

100 % Craft & Competence
  • Moulded technical parts
  • Rubber-metal composites
  • Spindles, rollers and cylinders
  • rubber coated spindles
  • Metal substitution
  • TPU-X®
  • Turned parts and long turned parts

For development and small series

For development and small series

Speed ​​and flexibility are important factors and the cornerstone of our prototyping . With innovative technologies and processes such as 3D printing, we are implementing ideas in the shortest time into finished components.

Thats how we create tangible time and cost advantages for you.

TPU-X® – will hold longer.

TPU-X® is an economical alternative for rubber elastomers and the optimal solution for highly loaded plastic components.