Premium Plastic Parts

for Machinery, Equipment and Automotive


We are suppliers and development partners for premium manufacturers in equipment and machine construction as well as for the automotive industry.
We will help you to exceed your quality promise with smart ideas and the highest-quality technological components and assemblies in plastic.

Moulded Technical Parts

With modern machinery, we manufacture a wide variety of plastic parts from a variety of plastics.

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Rubber-metal Composites

We vulcanize from small component to large mechanical component.

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Spindles, Rollers and Cylinders

In this area Hunold + Knoop is a world leader. Optimum speed and quality by complete in-house production , including long turned parts in our own Machine Shop.

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Turned parts & long turned parts

A special feature of Hunold + Knoop is that we not only process plastics , but also the turning parts production is in-house.

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We always work with the latest production methods. For example, using the premium material TPU-X®, for which H+K has a patented production process. Or we replace metals with advanced plastics.

Metal substitution

In many application cases thermoplastics are excellently suited as substitutes for metals and offer many advantages at the same time.

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High­Performance Plastics

If the requirements e.g. for temperature and chemical resistance are particularly high, materials such as PEEK, PPSU, PEI, PES, PPS, etc. come into play.

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Micro Injection Moulding

Small but powerful!
With this process, miniature parts can be manufactured precisely and in a resource-saving manner.

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The premium material TPU-X® is deployed anywhere where the highest performance is required. Its enormous resilience coupled with temperature-resistance, makes the material so unique.

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